Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY - Angry Birds party decorations

Angry Birds certainly is a phenomenon. As we are not able to get any party supplies, we were trying to find out what is happening on the web and if you could create your own party decorations. Well, to our surprise, the web is full of great tutorials how to create fantastic Angry Birds party decorations, party favours, fruit plates, snacks and much more.

There are so many fun and creative possibilities for creating great party decorations and entertainment whether for kids or adults. It's a cool one and so colourful, quirky and fun.

To create these fantastic decorations you need imagination and some solid colour decorations such as round paper lanterns or latex balloons, which you can get on our website. The best colours would be red, yellow, blue and green. For our decorations check:
Add some solid colour tableware decorated with cut-outs you can print on the page mentioned below.

Have a look at some great images below to get some inspiration. 

Green Round Lanterns with printed cut-outs
Round Paper Lanterns
Angry Birds Party Food
For more fantastic ideas, Angry Birds party games, free tutorials and printable Angry Birds cut-outs and invitations check:

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